This is my current deck IRL! I still definitely need to make some changes/purchases, lol... I also need to add the rest of the card images below. I plan on probably switching the Recycling Plant for another Toy Vendor and swapping out KOTS for another card, not sure what yet. I also need to take Chimera out of my extra deck, since it was only in there for attack boosts for Whale, and I realized the other day that I've been misreading Whale this whole time lol.

Finally, if I want to drop EVEN MORE money on this card game...... it would be really awesome to pick up a second Kraken for insurance, as well as the Bahamut Shark/Toadally Awesome combo. Someday, maybe. We'll see.

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Monsters (20)

x1 Gameciel, The Sea Turtle Kaiju
x3 Fluffal Dog
x1 Fluffal Cat
x1 Fluffal Bear
x1 Fluffal Dolphin
x2 Fluffal Wings
x2 Fluffal Penguin
x1 Fluffal Sheep
x3 Edge Imp Chain
x1 Edge Imp Sabres
x2 Edge Imp Scythe
x1 Fluffal Owl
x1 King of the Swamp

Spells (20)

x2 Toy Vendor
x1 Frightfur Fusion
x1 Frightfur Repair
x1 Frightfur Factory
x3 Frightfur Patchwork
x3 Polymerization
x1 Instant Fusion
x3 Foolish Burial Goods
x1 Foolish Burial
x2 Twin Twisters
x1 Book of Moon
x1 Fusion Recycling Plant

Extra Deck (15)

x3 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth
x2 Frightfur Wolf
x1 Frightfur Tiger
x1 Frightfur Chimera
x2 Frightfur Sheep
x1 Frightfur Kraken
x2 Frightfur Cruel Whale
x1 Abyss Dweller
x1 Cross Sheep
x1 Decode Talker