"Flundereeze" are an archetype of Winged-Beast monsters that will be coming to the TCG in October, when the booster pack Burst of Destiny releases! I plan on buying a full box of this booster when it comes out - that's 24 packs! At 9 cards a pack, that's gonna be a whopping 216 cards!!

Since I know for a fact I want this booster - my goal is to make both a Flundereeze deck and a Suship deck with the new support - I decided to start practicing with the cards online ahead of time! That being said, I am far from an expert... so I have no idea how good any of my ideas will be! I am looking up decklists and tech ideas from multiple sources, as well as trying stuff on my own... stay tuned for more info!

I think some of the tech cards in here are winners - Pot of Duality, Where Arf Thou, and Dimensional Fissure all seem like they can definitely stay. Cards like Solemn Judgement and Solemn Strike are just general staples, plus Harpie's Feather Duster, which would be a bonus because I can potentially search it with Harpie's Feather Storm. There are some other cards I put in there just to test out.

As for the actual Flundereeze cards - I have 2 Empen, 3 Eaglen, 3 Robina, 1 Toccan, 1 Strich, 3 Mysterious Map, and 2 Unknown Wind. I took that lineup straight from a decklist.

I'm gonna try out Harpie Dancer, who can get me a switchout for cards on the field with ones in my hand, or maybe even cheat out a Tribute Summon. I don't know if she'll work though!

I don't know what boss monsters I'm going to use besides Raiza, who was reccomended in multiple decklists. I like the idea of Dark Simorgh + Anti-Spell Fragrance, but I need to test more.


Robina in hand, no Map (1 card combo)
- Normal Robina; eff; add Eaglen to hand; normal Eaglen
- Eaglen eff; add Empen to hand; normal Empen
- Chain one Empen, chain 2&3 Robina and Eaglen
- Robina and Eaglen return to hand; no more effects this turn
- Empen eff; add Mysterious Map to hand, play in field
- Normal Robina
- Activate Mysterious Map
- Reveal Eaglen; banish Toccan or Strich*
- Normal Eaglen; return banished card to hand
- Robina & Eaglen prepped for next turn (potential tribute)

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