(audio: GX ED 2 - Wake Up Your Heart by Kenn with the NaB's)

yugioh gx, you king of kings......

i'm currently about halfway through season 2 of this show, and, well... i have a Lot of things to say about it. so many things that i probably won't be able to articulate them all right now, but i really needed to finally slap this page together so i had a place to put everything!!


lord, am i loving this show... there are plenty of very silly parts, especially in season one, but i care so deeply about all of these characters... gx is making me realize more deeply the fact that if the battles were fought with magic or stands or something instead of card games, this franchise would explode in popularity, because there's just so much to love here.


i'm still taking it somewhat slow, because i know this show is going to Hurt Me in ways i have never been hurt before LMAO... but oh my god do i love it. i care them all so much ............. i'll rewrite this page sometime later when my brain is working better. tl;dr yugioh good