Happy Birthday, Chazz!!!! (August 1st)

I wish I had something bigger planned! But the truth is, I was so distracted thinking about Jaden's birthday a month in advance, that I didn't even realize it was Chazz's birthday until I got my calendar reminder on my phone today... and I went to YGO locals all day, so I'm just now writing up a post for him!

That being said, I love Chazz a lot!! He's an amazing character! He has shown probably the most character growth out of anybody in GX, and he really fought hard to learn his lessons... I'm so proud of him! I love his relationship with the Ojamas. They're my favorite cards of his!  
Luckily, even though I had forgotten his birthday (sorry...!!), I actually do have something to post! I just finished up an AMV that I wanted to submit for a contest, and the subject in question is... Manjoume himself!! So, here's looking at you!!

Song: I'm Gonna Win - Rob Cantor

chazz it up! back to gx home!