I've been listening to Vocaloid songs for ten years now. If that's not any indication of how much I like the genre (to whatever degree you can call it a 'genre'...) then I don't know what is. While I don't claim to be a Vocaloid expert, I am a certified Vocaloid ENJOYER!! This enjoyment extends heavily to UTAUloids as well - voicebanks created using the freeware alternative to Vocaloid, UTAU. I might even like UTAUloids more than Vocaloids, honestly!! But I love the insane amount of creativity that these programs lend themselves to. I'm just as amazed with the high budget, more commercialized song releases as I am by small covers by independent creators. I've even tried my hand at UTAU a few times myself... not that I'm that good at it, lol!

Anyway! Here is where I'll keep all of my assorted Vocaloid pages... stay tuned for some content in the very near future!!

Some future pages I plan to add:

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