Jan. 26th, 2021 - Jan. 26th, 2023 

Two years... can you even believe this? I sure can't! When I first started this site, I had grandiose dreams of being a 'cool' website, with dozens of links and interconnected pages that you could spend hours on without seeing everything. I think I'm finally at a point where I can say that I've achieved that goal!

Although it feels weird to say, I think after two years of owning a website, I finally feel comfortable being a web site owner. I feel comfortable with the languages it takes to build a website, I feel confident enough to give (mostly relevant) advice when people ask for it, I've begun dabbling in backend languages and gained a deeper understanding of how different styles of websites function. I've really enjoying the unspoken sense of community that exists between people who maintain their own website, whether you've spoken once or twenty times or even not at all. I don't know exactly when this switch got flipped, but at some point, I stopped fearing and fretting about my perceived lack of knowledge, and I genuinely felt capable enough to talk to other web owners as my peers.

My favorite pages and projects that I've tackled this year have been the ones that have really pushed what I know about coding. Back in October, I got really into the online trading card game ColorsTCG (as you can probably tell lol!), and I spent a lot of time crafting JavaScript-based tools to make my experience in the game go more smoothly. My ColorsTCG page makes use of several different scripts that I wrote mostly by hand, including a search bar, auto-alphabetizer, and more!

I also unveiled the new version of my subdomain, lite.koinuko.pink, just a few days ago. Originally just meant to be a mirror of certain pages on my main site, it ended up laying around in a very sad state for many months because I didn't have a real use for it. However, then I started learning PHP, a backend language that NeoCities doesn't support. Finally, a reason to have an off-site subdomain! As of right now, it hosts a booru-styled art page and my new and improved Love Live card collection, with the potential to add any other PHP odds and ends I might create in the future.

In last year's post, I said I wanted to work more with JS and to make more interactive pages, which I've definitely done in the pages I mentioned above. I didn't necessarily make more 'gadgets', per se, but I definitely have the tools to do so if I get inspired. I also said I wanted to make more graphics! I definitely have been doing that and enjoying it immensely, although most of them are just for personal use. Here are some of my favorite graphics I've made for Colors TCG since October! (I've basically memorized how to do the pixel font by hand now, and I've used it for a few other things, too!)

I really do love having a space where I can talk about anything that I deem important. It's very nice, and honestly, I am my own website's biggest fan! I can see myself continuing to own a website - be it this one, or maybe another one in the future - for many years to come. Although I felt obligated to do something big and flashy for my second anniversary, in the end, I don't think it's necessary. I'm very proud of everything I've done so far on this website, and I'm excited to be writing another one of these posts in another 365 days! A big, heartfelt thank you to everybody who's visited my website in the last two years! <3

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