This page will details the exploits of the heroic OSRS Bronze Clan and my journeys with them since I was inducted on January 30th, 2022.


On Jan. 30th, 2022, two of my lovely friends agreed to sign up and play Runescape with me. I was elated! We played together for a couple hours before one friend had to go, so the two of us that were left went over to Al Kharid to do some fishing. It was that fateful night that a Bronze Clan raid happened to be passing by, and pelted us with snowballs!!

They explained to us that fishing was sin, and that we had to stop immediately!! Having never seen anything like this before, we decided to play along, and followed them around for nearly an hour before being inducted into the clan. Since then, I have had the pleasure of joining them on several more adventures, and have even been promoted to Captain!

About Bronze Clan

Bronze Clan meets in front of the Grand Exchange in Varrock every day at 10pm EST, on World 301. They have been doing so since 2019! They conduct attacks on fisherman and recruit new members to better serve the bronze. Their weapon of choice is the snowball, and their uniform is - of course! - full bronze armor. Valiantly they parade around Gielinor spreading the word of the Bronze Prophet! (I still don't have the full lore yet, haha...) It's a very goofy and fun group!


08/18/22: We had a party in the clan hall for the member who reached 99 Cooking. It was really sweet!!

07/30/22: Mas took us to a secret area in Goblin Village! I had never been here before. I was amazed!! It was so serene and fun and snowy. There was another secret room with these little red and green birds (bugs?). We went sledding for a while. Afterwards, we went to Karamja to attack some fishers. Three people saw the light and stopped fishing! It was a wonderful victory for bronze tonight!!
Here's a pic of us at Mudskipper Point after our victory on Karamja.


04/30/22: Travelling to Draynor village for promotions. Wearing my gold trim full bronze gifted to me by Mas for reaching Captain rank.

02/15/22: We almost had enough people to make a 3x3 square...

02/10/22: Visiting a mysterious rift during our raid. I'm in the blue cross cape <3

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