mystery character from obscure hentai has epic design, has haunted me for almost an entire year

(due to discussion of source material)

okay, i have been wanting to talk about this for a long time. it is completely inconsequential and nobody will care about it except for me, so this is the perfect place to yell about it. this happened like a YEAR ago and i still can't stop thinking about it

so, i'm on danbooru right (HIGHLY NSFW BTW, its an anime image board but there is some gross stuff on there) looking for yugioh fanart and whatnot, i like going on there sometimes to look for pics of my favorite characters. sometimes i like to pick a random tag and then dig through there to see if i can find anything cool, i actually learned about an obscure vtuber on there once and discovered a couple of other cool things by clicking on a picture of a character and being like 'woah they're cool, who is this?'

ANYWAY, so i ended up looking through the demon tag, or something similar, because i was bored and i really like demon characters (duh). most of it's fanart or original characters, but then suddenly this screencap pops up in the results, and there it was: absolute peak (peak for me anyway) character design. i was like, um, HELLO? what show is this?? and it wasn't until i clicked on it that i realized the entire screencap was *cough* clearly from a hentai OVA... i literally didn't even notice until i clicked on it to view fullscreen lmao.

so. what gives???? i totally thought this was from some obscure magical girl anime from the early 2000's, with this character being that trope of a low-level villain who tries to do evil but never manages to make any headway. but instead he's from a hentai?????? you're wasting this character design on something like that?????????? it's absolutely infuriating. if he was from tokyo mew mew or something i know this little bitch would be one of my favorite characters. but no. we can't have nice things i guess

(the character in question, with the NSFW portion of the image
cropped out)

This is a completely stupid thing to devote my energy too, I know. But I just feel so robbed. This is the exact type of energy I love in characters and now I will never get to experience any of his funny exploits or snarky comments. I have no intention of tracking down a low-budget hentai and watching it just to get 1-2 minutes of him as a side character. I actually went to the trouble of looking up where he was from when I first ran into this picture, but that was months ago. I don't even remember his name anymore (rip). All I have left is the hole in my heart knowing that he was destined for something greater and he will never get it.

Just in case I have to express to you the EXTENT to which I was robbed, and the extent to which this character design fits every one of the things I love: every single one of my OCs looks exactly like this. LITERALLY THE SAME CHARACTER. HOW DID THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS

(one of my OCs for comparison. LITERALLY identical)