Hello visitor... there won't be much of anything interesting in this section of the site. Basically, even though I'm comfortable around the wonderful populace of Neocities, and I know this site is built just for me, I still get very stressed out about how people might react to what I say. (Just leftover fear from tumblr and twitter, you know...)

Basically, this is my place to talk freely about problematic media, in a space with plenty of warning so it won't bother anyone. A lot of it will mostly be stuff that I don't even watch/read but part of it appeals to me, like a certain character design or something. Everything here will be pretty half-baked, as it's basically a bucket for word vomit. (gross, sorry.)

You are absolutely free to poke around, but my one rule is you can't get mad! I warned you :P

GENERIC DISCLAIMER: Just because I talk about something in here doesn't mean I support the media or the themes/content inside it. Basically, the vibe for this page is... like, you ever watch a show and go, "wow, this character deserved WAY better than this show?" Yeah, that's basically where I'm at here.

If you're gonna stick around, enjoy I guess! XP