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Cecile was actually the last main character of NVRS to be designed, but I like him a lot! In fact, he probably has more lore than Xander does lol (Xander was the first member of the side-group that I came up with).

Cecile's original concept was something like an e-boy TikToker (LOL), but I changed him to an idol pretty quickly. He's a pop singer who's extremely popular - weirdly popular, actually, considering how short his career has been. He also happens to be Nonny's favorite musical artist.

As a child, Cecile's charm magic was extremely strong, but in an unusual way. Instead of drawing attention to him, it deflected attention away from him. He would suddenly become invisible to people around him, including his parents, and would often get lost when they were out and wander around by himself. He got in the habit of stealing snacks and toys whenever his invisible streaks hit, since he knew he wouldn't get in trouble.

It got worse and worse as he got older. He wasn't able to control his powers, so whole days or even weeks would go by before somebody finally noticed him again and called someone to bring him home. By the time he was a teenager, he was used to being ignored almost all the time. When he was about fifteen, he got scouted by a talent agent, and went off without his parents' permission. He debuted two years later as a singer under the pseudonym Alice. He exploded in popularity almost immediately, even though the public knows nothing about his past or the people who support him in the present.

(above: my original brainstorm sheet to come up with his design!)