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Pearl is one of my favorite OCs to draw tbh! I designed him to purposefully have a lot of traits I like drawing, like long bottom eyelashes and fun, multicolored hair. His personality has changed a little bit since I came up with him, but he's always been sort of eccentric and just a little Weird TM (in a nice way!!).

His charm magic is extremely strong, to the point where nobody can say anything negative about him to his face, or disagree with anything he says. Pearl hates this because he can never tell when people are being truthful, so he has a lot of trust issues, and he usually ends up being rude to people he doesn't like because he knows they can't do anything about it. He can never get feedback on his ideas and it frustrates him to have everybody fawning over him all the time.

He eventually meets Roman, who, as another demon, is far less susceptible to charm magic. He appreciates Roman's discerning eye and, even though Roman is unwilling at first to say anything negative about his idol, he pushes through it and serves as a welcome source of feedback and advice for Pearl. Because of this, Pearl is extremely fond of Roman, and sometimes finds himself showering him with unnecessary gifts or clinging to him too much.

People tend to see Pearl as very wise and mature, which he is, but he's also very silly as well, and can be callous without realizing it because very few people call him out on his behavior. He's pretty spoiled and likes to indulge himself often, but is also an extremely hard worker - he does a lot of his networking and appointment making on his own, in lieu of having an annoying assistant around.