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Roman had very inattentive parents as a child. They would often leave him home alone when they went out, and ignore him when they were home, so eventually he stopped trying to get their attention and stayed quiet. This learned behavior continued all throughout his childhood and into adulthood, so he has very little experience interacting with other people. He has to conserve his energy because he recieves so little attention from people, so he sleeps a lot.

He met Vaun one day at a coffee shop, of all places, where Vaun approached him out of nowhere and tried to expend some energy to help him out. Roman found the behavior extremely odd, since nobody had ever approached him without wanting something from him; but somehow before they knew it, they moved in together, and Vaun was the most important person in his life. It was only a few months later that they ended up joining NVRS, when Roman expressed some interest in the idea, and they moved from their apartment into a house with Nonny and Sonia.

Roman is very quiet, and it's hard to get him to open up about himself. He's nervous about sharing the things he likes, but can talk a lot about them once he gets started. His favorite types of games are ones without a set end goal. He has trouble falling asleep alone, so he and Vaun share a bed. Because he doesn't talk a lot, he can sometimes surprise people with witty, harsh jokes, though he never says anything that he thinks would hurt people. He cuts his own hair, so one side is slightly longer than the other.