★ It's finally here!! ★

Today is the day!!!! Today - September 23rd, 2023, for those of you reading in the future - my dream figure arrived in the mail!

The figure in question is the Amakuni 1/7 scale figure of Yuuki Judai from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, or as most of you probably know him, that one Jaden guy that has been listed as my boyfriend on the front page of my website for two years now. It was originally released in September of 2018 as an exclusive limited run available only on Hobby Japan. This was a few years before I got into Yugioh, so obviously, I missed my chance to get him, but I would see it pop up every time I scrounged the Internet for any measly crumbs of Jaden merch. People were reselling him for upwards of $350 USD, even up to $500 in some cases - the figure was about $120 USD on release. The figure looked soooooooo nice and I wanted to have a figure of Jaden sooooo bad, but the prices were unforgivable. I told myself that if I ever saw somebody selling him for a more affordable price, I would snap him up immediately, no matter the circumstances.

Then, on April 25th, 2022, I received the best news of my entire life. To pair with the upcoming pre-order of the matching Amakuni 1/7 scale figure of Manjoume Jun, Jaden's rival from the anime, they were re-releasing the Jaden figure as well.

I dropped $150 with only a slight amount of terror immediately upon hearing the news. I pre-ordered him via a proxy service the day the announcement came out. Many of you may recall seeing this addition to my site that I added the very same day and remained on my homepage for over a year:

That countdown timer was, obviously, an estimate; I didn't really know exactly when the figure would come out. They had to close the pre-order window and begin production before I'd ever hear anything about a release date. While I estimated 401 days - probably based on a window they gave for the figure's release - I had to adjust the count a few times along the way, and even then, I was way off. It took a grand total of 516 days for Jaden to come home, factoring in pre-order, production, and both international and local shipping times.

I was SOOOO excited to finally get him today!!! It caught me completely by surprise - I couldn't figure out what would come in such a huge box until it finally hit me: Could it be? After all this time...?? And it was!! I need to take better pictures of him eventually, but I was just too excited and wanted to get him displayed ASAP.

He comes with a few additional parts - a second head with his Yubel heterochromia eyes; a different arm pose; a different hand pose; and cards to hold in the alternate hand pose. And of course Winged Kuriboh is right beside him, which is so cute!! Kuriboh on a stick!! I decided to just stick with the parts he came packaged with for now, though.

I moved some things around in my room so I could start a Very Special Guys TM shelf, with Jaden displayed alongside my Asmodeus figure and a few other things! This shelf is right next to my bed so I will get to look at him all the time! <3 I am so happy he's finally home!!!! <3333

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