NOTICE: V1 of the webring as listed here is no longer accepting members. If you would like to join the webring, please head to!

Hello! Welcome to the home page of

The NeoCities Self-Insert Webring!

If you're a resident of NeoCities, or you were a part of GeoCities and other older web communities, you have probably run into webrings before. Simply put, they're a list of like-minded websites arranged so that all the links form a loop. This is no different, and serves as a webring for anybody who participates in self-insert or self-ship!

(Check out the 2022 April Fool's Day joke here!)

(Check out our existing members here!)

If you ever want to make changes to your information, you can send a follow-up email, as long as you tell me your URL, your member number (the number assigned to you and placed in your code), and give me the changes you want to make!

Now for the good stuff...!

This is what the webring will look like - with your information in it, of course! (Dimensions are 304px by 168px!) In order to get this on your website, you will need to do two things. First of all:

^ Copy this code to your website where you want to have the webring widget. SECONDLY - when you are accepted to the webring, you will be assigned a number! You will need to change the "0" in the above code to your assigned number, or else you will be showing the incorrect information! So, for example, if you are assigned number 4 in the webring, then your code will say:

positionInList = 4

If you don't put the correct number, you will be displaying somebody else's information!!

09/25/22 Update: Known Script Issue

Some people have run into an issue where the webring conflicts with another webring or script on their site - usually a version of Jellyring, but not always. If you have another script running using the 'onload' function, this will cause a conflict with the self-insert webring, but don't despair! You can try using this version of the script instead. If it still doesn't work, shoot me an e-mail and I'll try to take a look. :)

07/27/22 Update: Vertical and Mini Widgets Added

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that there are now two different sizes for the webring widget if you don't like the one above.

The left is a preview of the vertical widget (190px by 297px), with the mini version (248px by 97px) next to it. These should work the same as the legacy widget according to my tests so far, but there may be some unforseen issues I didn't anticipate. The mini widget displays the character icon at 60px by 60px instead of the usual 100px by 100px, so for some images it won't look very good. You can test either widget design by clicking on it and entering your assigned number to preview how your information will look! (Once I've given you your assigned number, that is.)

Vertical widget code:

Mini widget code:


TBH... if there are any problems, try refreshing the cache first (CTRL + F5) or giving the page an hour or two to respond. You can also open the page in an Incognito tab to force the code to reload.

If the webring appears, but doesn't look right, please let me know and I will try to fix it! This is my first attempt at something like this, so I appreciate your patience! Sometimes, it turns out that a website might have inherent CSS that I didn't account for in the webring code, and I have to edit the widget to make sure it doesn't get affected.

Before you go!

Check out our snazzy new button courtesy of retrokid!! (Original larger size on the left, right version is resized to 88x31!)

 Thanks so much for all the support so far! ^^

One last thing: this webring was heavily inspired by Jellyworld! The themes of these two rings may be vastly different, but you should definitely hop over and get yourself a jelly if you don't already have one!