The Arclight Family

(from left to right: Quattro, Trey, Vetrix, and Quinton)

The Arclight family is a group of secondary villains from the fourth Yugioh series, Yugioh Zexal. The three Arclight siblings - Trey, Quattro, and Quinton (or III, IV, and V in the Japanese version) - follow the twisted whims of their father, Vetrix (or Tron in the sub), as they hunt for 99 Number cards.

Truth be told, I've only just started the second arc in the series, which is where they show up. But I've been obsessed with these guys long before I started Zexal. I honestly can't even figure out why. Something about their dynamic on paper is so endearing to me. A family of three chaotic siblings and their ten year old Fortnite player dad is just hilarious. Add in the fact that they're evil (classic gesugao levels of evil for Vetrix and Quattro) and have really excellent designs, and you've got a blueprint for a new brainrot.

The truth is I really don't know much about them yet. I was trying to explain their whole deal to a friend and I sounded like an absolute insane person. I'm going to blame that half on my excessive amount of excitement for a show I haven't finished and half on the fact that Zexal is a show entirely composed of insane people.

I have high hopes for them as characters. I want them to be so evil and fucked up, but I also desperately want them to be funny, and I also hope somewhere in the bottom of my heart that Vetrix is a good father but just heavily misguided. However, if it turns out he just smokes crack and wants to kill everyone for funsies, I'm okay with that too. I'm just excited to finally see the Arclight family in action after waiting for so long!!

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