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updates | 12-04-23

12-04-23: added arisato page! for some reason!
10-28-23: added short review (Akumu Koushounin).
9-27-23: updated zenya shrine.
7-21-23: updated meguro page!!
6-13-23: added room no. 9 page.
5-30-23: updated zenya shrine.
4-26-23: added short review.
2-4-23: added zenya shrine.
2-1-23: added slow damage page.
12-20-22: added chimamire sukeban chainsaw page.
12-13-22: added short review (Bijo Amanda).
12-3-22: added short review (Fear Infection).
11-27-22: added short review (Man Eater).
11-9-22: added bukita-kun page.
11-5-22: added shintaro kago comm page.
10-31-22: added short review.
10-19-22: added short review.
10-7-22: added short review.
10-5-22: added short manga reviews.
9-5-22: updated sweet pool page.
7-22-22: added mia page.
7-19-22: updated sweet pool page.
6-29-22: added button.
6-26-22: updated extraction page.
5-2-22: added MADK page.
5-1-22: added tooth extraction page.
4-3-22: added collection page.
2-27-22: added tetsuo page.
1-22-22: added afterpeople archive.
11-21-21: added bobby yeah and meguro pages.
10-10-21: added saya page.
7-27-21: updated wikipedia links, added worms page.
7-9-21: added blowfly girl page.
6-25-21: added wikipedia links.
6-12-21: added syndaver canine page.
6-2-21: added jun togawa page.
5-27-21: began working on second index.
added vocaloid song list.

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