A list of pages that have either been completely removed from my website, or just shifted here to clear up room on the homepage. Most of these were removed due to extreme old age and ugliness, or because they've been ignored for an unreasonably long amount of time.

ARCHIVED PAGES - Still viewable. Removed from the front page because I wasn't happy with them.

- Anime watchlist tracker: Stopped updating it when I started using Anilist instead.
- Music recs: Same as above. Only two of the sections even have pages attached. Another project I will eventually get around to redoing.
- Third, vaguely NSFWish section of my site: Has three links to random writeups I did regarding NSFWish subject matter. Ended up never using it for anything else and it was just taking up space for no reason.
- Gifcities beach collage: A little gif-layering experiment. Cute, but it doesn't need to be on the homepage.
- Shikato video page with nothing else on it: I will eventually make a full-on Shikato shrine when my brain lets me.
- Nostalgic Youtube videos: Just loads a random embedded YouTube video. Very lame.
- El Sonido Winners: Didn't touch this page for two years. One day I might remake it.
- Old jaden shrine layout: Updated to new layout.
- PUPPIES: Warning for fullscreen video autoplay when you click the text on the page. I just wanted a place to put this video.
- Iruma-kun shrine: I NEED to make a better one. This one hasn't been touched in ages.
- Page filter: A cool idea, but ultimately I never bothered to finish or update it.
- Games page: Feels out of touch with what the site is now, but all the games on it should still work.
- Pokemon berry list: Haven't used it in ages.


DEAD PAGES - Completely removed because I didn't think they still had any value.

- Cookie Run collection page: Removed because it was severely out of date and I don't play much anymore.
- Sgt. Frog shrine: Removed because I will eventually make a real one.
- Archived YouTube videos page: Removed due to age and to clear up storage space.
- Picrew gallery: Removed due to age and to clear up storage space.
- Anime episode reviews: Removed due to negligence.
- Joejoefashosho's Myspace page: Never used it.
- Random music link generator: Ugly and never used it.
- Digital bookshelf: Very old, outdated, and it felt impersonal. Might try to remake this someday.
- Calendar: I guess at some point a few years ago I made an HTML calendar just to see if I could. Good for me, but it was useless, so away it goes.
- Hello Kitty graphics: Am trying to move away from random graphics dumps, plus there are many better places to find graphics than here lol.
- Mudaebot page: Super image heavy, and I hadn't updated it in eons. I also don't really play Mudae anymore so it was just taking up space.


EVENTUAL RETURNS - These pages were completely removed, but I plan on redoing them... someday.

- Asagiri Gen shrine: Removed due to age and poor quality; will eventually make him a new one like he deserves.

- Fave character venn diagram: I still like the idea, but the execution was all wrong.

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