In your travels, you happen upon a most unwelcoming sight... a graveyard, full of dead links and long-abandoned pages... it's enough to make any self-respecting website owner shudder!!

Here is the final (or maybe not so final?) resting place for any pages I've laid to rest, for whatever multitude of reasons. Yellow links have a chance at being revived someday :)

- cringe nostalgia youtube generator, buried on 7/27/21
- old jaden shrine layout, buried on 01/06/22
- old anime watchlist layout, buried on 10/29/21 *literally broken rn lmao
- my previous purple layout, buried on 09/24/21
- my page on joejoefashosho's myspace, buried on 8/5/21
- PUPPIES, buried on 6/10/21
- an old attempt at anime reviews, buried on 06/05/21
- weird random-link generating music page, buried on 03/18/21
- page about the music group El Sonido Winners, buried 02/05/21

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