koinuko v3 is here, and hopefully along with it will come a renewed sense of who I am on this tangled-up, world-wide web.

As always, this is a place for me to freely express myself without constraint. Feel free to look around, and mind that pages might be under varying degrees of completion.

05.22.22 // LOOK AT MY NEW CUSTOM DOMAIN IT'S 2:24 AM AND IT JUST WENT ACTIVE ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i am so crazy insane rn im going to set up my first subdomains on x10 tomorrow



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experimental 'mirror' of the site with emphasis on the reader - very bare-bones for now.

to-do list:

- layout for gallery
- language pages (JP/ESP)
- add foxfable emo pup adopt
- better layout for papermaking
- start tmbg shrine

Estimated time until I receive my dream figure ♡

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