╰┈➤ Welcome! Please excuse the dust; koinuko.pink is undergoing a long-needed renovation to organize and tidy up the place. Please enjoy your stay in the mean time.
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        You may have noticed, if you've been to this site before, that a lot of things are now missing!! Up until now, my homepage has almost always had a direct link to every major page or hub page on my website. I did this at first so that it would always be easy to find any page I was looking for, but as time went on and I kept adding more and more pages, it eventually left me with a very messy and stressful index page. And nobody wants that!! So, a huge majority of these links have been removed for the time being until I am able to better organize them.

However, do not despair!! These pages are all still around, and they will be indefinitely until I take the time to either update them or purge them, depending on how outdated they are. You can view the old v5 index here, which still had a large amount of links on it. You can also backtrack through the other index designs as well using the link in the footer. There's also the page graveyard, which will become much more important as I clear up a loooot of old and ugly pages. And finally, if for some reason you can't find a page you're looking for, feel free to contact me and I will dig it up for you!

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Last update (7/1/24): It's Art Fight month!!!

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Colors TCG page --- My OCS** --- Obligatory links page --- Memes I've made**
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୨୧ For You | Pages you might get a kick out of!

Yu-Gi-Oh boyfriend quiz --- Marry your favorite character
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Character shrine hub page --- Jagainu-kun --- Yu-Gi-Oh hub page
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

୨୧ Dark Side | Click through the banner to visit the "dark side" of my website, with links to lots of other pages. Be aware of gross, scary, or adult (18+) content, but it is all marked appropriately.

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