koinuko v4 has arrived! ★
I've tried to do something different with each of my homepage layouts, and this time I was inspired by 2000's anime-themed fansites. It's kind of funny how this kept my pink/blue color scheme from the last layout, albeit in darker tones.

As always, this site is meant for me to be able to express myself, and talk about whatever it is that I deem worthwhile at the moment! Therefore, the active pages might jump around a lot, and some might lay dormant for quite a while. Feel free to stick around for the ride!

Currently Watching: Dr. Stone S3
Currently Reading: Slow Damage
Currently Playing: Bloons Tower Defense 5
Thinking About: Venture Bros. brainrot returns in full force MOVIE WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
Other Assorted Thoughts: I recently opened up commissions...! Please feel free to check it out if you'd like...!!
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Honeycomb Summer - Crazy:B

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